Monday, December 11, 2017

When is a Sneaker . . .

. . . not the sneaker you wanted?

ANSWER: When you are so much in a rush you forget to check the size!

I wanted to give six of my Disney Animator dolls a set of more casual clothes to wear and ordered these little sneakers which were intended to complete their outfits. Unfortunately when they arrived I realised they were going to be far too small for their chubby little footsies and when I checked my order it showed I had ordered the 1/6 size!

At first I was disappointed, but found they were the perfect size for several of my BJD's.

Needless to say, I have now placed an order for the correct size and will have to wait until after Christmas before I am able to photograph the dolls in their completed outfits.

Here's a little preview of what I have been working on.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dolls That Make You Smile

I really love my little Gretel, she is such a happy doll and I love the way her head tilts and her limbs move. She's certainly able to express herself beautifully even though she is only articulated 5 ways.

Oh boy this teddy is heavy!

Look teddy, there's a kite up in the sky.

It appears there are two different editions of Wichtels that sell for two different prices. It took me a little while to work out why that was, but work it out I did! One is made by the artist herself, the other made by Schildkrot.

Rosemarie Muller - Wichtel Dolls
Eye type: Hazel Glass/Fixed
Size: 32cm/12.5"
Hair: Blonde/ Wig
Articulation: 5 points
Price: £312.49 + VAT in the UK

This sweet doll, Fayette, is made by artist Rosemarie Muller in Germany. She's a little white skinned hazel eyed blonde girl doll. Fayette's hair is a long blonde wig with a fringe and styled in two long bunches with ribbons.

She wears a really gorgeous pinafore dress and striped top and matching leggings with white ankle socks and red leather shoes. Her clothing is made by Rosemarie Muller and each design is original.

The dolls are named "Wichtel" dolls which translates to "elves" - balm for the soul is how they are often referred. Their bodies are completely hard phthalate free vinyl. Girl and boy dolls have different abdomens like little girls and little boys. The hair is a hand knotted mohair and kanekalon wig. The eyes are hand-blown glass eyes from Lauscha (supposedly the very best eyes) and the face is lovingly painted by hand.

This is my favourite sculpt/mould from Rosemarie Muller, I hope it comes up for re-release one day! The face is so alive and happy and I think it would be an absolute joy to have one of these very child like dolls smiling at me every day.

I know there are people who don't like open mouth dolls, but this one looks so natural and is very tastefully sculpted and painted, one would be a fool not to see the pleasure this face would bring to an owner. The wig is also very natural and the colour . . . divine.

There is nothing so gorgeous as a little red haired girl!

Wichtel For Schildkrot-Puppen
Eye type: Glass/Fixed
Size: 32cm/12.5"
Hair: Wig / Mohair and Kanekalon
Articulation: 5 points
Price: £169.99 including VAT in the UK

These sweet dolls are manufactured by Schildkrot in Rauenstein (Thür), Germany. The entire face and body moulds are also sculpted by German doll artist Rosemarie Muller and Schildkrot has the pleasure of manufacturing to order, 4 of the Muller-Wichtel moulds, of which there are 24 in total. They are classified by Schildkrot as collectible artist dolls.

Their hair and eyes are the same quality as the dolls made by Rosemarie herself.

The fourth one on the left is the one I have. :) Her given name was Rosi, she has red hair, blue eyes and wears a Bavarian dirndl with real red leather shoes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Hugs, X